Promise 378 RAID problem


When i want to install open suse 11.1 in partiton tool says me that port is DM_RAID but see 2 disks not 1. (i have an mirror).
I have drivers on floppy and he copy them (F6 on start installation), but nothing happend!
In partiton tool In RAID see nothing!

BTW. is here somewhere some partition manual?

Please help

Check out this thread - it might give you some answers:
Hardware RAID on Opensuse – HELP! - openSUSE Forums

Also F6 during installation for RAID is a windows xp install not opensuse 11.1 so what do you mean by telling us you’ve tried that?

here is the boot screen :

Image:11 1-install part1.png - openSUSE

I set up by F6 and then load driver from floppy. I now sow that my drivers are for opensuse 8.1 and 8.2, can that be problem?