Programs for cloning CDs and DVDs

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As you all know, there exist a lot of applications to “rip” CDs/DVDs on Win*. Also you might know, that I’m not that much of a Win* user.
But certainly I don’t want to miss the possibility of making private Backups in HD of my most favourite media.
Which great applications exist to be used on OpenSuse that provide the option of backing up my media with the highest Quality of sound and video possible?**

I’m not 100% sure this is exactly what you want, but for max quality (and what I’d consider a “clone”), you could use k3b or similar, and do:

Tools>Copy DVD> [x] Only Create Image

Then in the “Image” tab, set where you want the copy. Let k3b do it’s job, then you ought to be able to mount the DVD image with a command something like:

sudo mount -o loop [path to your backup] [mount point]

(I got the exact wording of what option to use from How to: Mount an ISO image under Linux but I just tried it and did mount successfully)

I’m a little hazy on what exactly you’d do next, because I haven’t actually tried playing DVDs at all yet under Linux, but if you do play them you’ll know suitable playback software anyway- speaking of which, could you recommend any for DVD? I’m currently lacking a bit in that department :slight_smile:

A clone is a exact copy of something.
A Backup is not quite the same.

I am not going to start an explanation of the two. Just say. If all you want is to backup media files, like Music and Movies and Photos: Personally I have data dvd’s AND a backup HD.

If you also mean make backups of cd and dvd’s, then you know the score, there are all manner of issues with copyright. But most people do put the music from cd’s on to their HD’s. k3b will rip it out and will give you options as to the quality, FLAC for best.
k9copy will copy a dvd, but it is designed that it makes commercial dvd fit on a standard dvd-r 4.7GB. Or you can just get it to create a .iso of the dvd and save the .iso files on your storage HD and name the accordingly.
FYI: VLC will play .iso files so no need to burn it to a dvd if you are using it on a computer.

I am very well aware of these issues. It is illegal to distribute such content or show it in public, but as for a private backup, this is allowed.

And just to clarify this: I don´t support and condone anything illegal piracy.
These backups/copies are solely for the purpose of viewing them at HOME in my own cinema.

Might be that some of you don´t like the thought, but I don´t want to make a fuss about it: I´m looking for recommendable software with which I can backup DVDs with copy protection and modify the file afterwards. K3B probably won´t be able to accomplish the mentioned tasks.
That being said, I´d appreciate some more hints to be dropped.

To rip encrypted DVD videos you will need to install libdvdcss, although there are questions on its legality in some countries. Check
Restricted Formats - openSUSE Community

on obtaining this. After that several apps will handle ripping and transcoding the disks, including dvdrip and k3b.

Thanks for dropping this hint, chief_sealth!
I guess dvd::rip works beter and provides much more options than K3B for backing up DVDs. Worth a try.

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Maybe you missed my comment to k9copy
There is also dvd95 - all from Packman

Oh boy…I love decisions, but I certainly always prefer to use the currently best in terms of handling, GUI, quality, options and extra features.
Would you please tell me which one of these (dvd::rip, k9copy or dvd95) is the most recommendable?

//EDIT: I’ve been comparing your recommendations. And honestly, I prefer dvd::rip over the others. It’s absolutely beautiful and very rich in features. Love it. By the way: New suggestions are still welcome.

Matter of taste I think. I use k9copy since it’s there. And not only to backup, also as a repair medium for crappy cheap DVD’s. It’s amazing what it can do with a DVD that’s not playable. And fast as lightning ( my machine does a bit too :wink: It offers quite a lot of features. Tried other programs too, and I still use the dd command (can’t help it, 50 next year…).

VLC for video media “backups”
GRIP for CD Audio “backups”
K3B for creating disc image “backups”

I have seen 1 or 2 cases where there was some hidden files that K3B missed preventing the disc from working, but that prob just me getting in a hurry.

Totally agree with these comments.:slight_smile: