Programming languages

Which programming language do use most and which one do you
like most and why?:wink:

C and Bash, currently getting my feet wet with Python. Dislike Perl for its ugly syntax though. I mostly hack Bash scripts and do C work in the form of correcting and patching existing programs. I haven’t written full blown C programs yet and don’t really plan to in the near future

Others = C# and PHP

euwwww :stuck_out_tongue: (calls the Mono trolls) :stuck_out_tongue:

Others: ksh (almost bash, so for a quicky I use bash) and PHP.
Used to write a lot of Fortran in the past (and before that Algol 60).

Did a entry C++ course and liked it a lot. Currently going through a book on Python since no college near me does a course in it. Not really a qualified programmer therefor I did not vote :slight_smile:

I had only recently started Python programming and loved it so much that i would place it as my best language over c/c++ which i have used for four years

I use C++ with Qt! :wink:

Hey, I need my m($) .NET C# for some reasons :stuck_out_tongue: . I’m developing my GTK-ing skills in the meantime, tho.

And in any case, I don’t get programmers who turn down platforms for ethical reasons. If it’s programmable, go for it! Be it toaster, digital watch or winedose!