Programming in openSUSE 11.3?

Hello, I was wondering about a package that can be used to write and compile/run programs in different programming languages. I was also wondering how possible it is to program in Visual Basic 2010 in openSUSE if at all. Thanks to anyone who can help,



there probably won’t be a single package for different languages.

What language are you interested in? When you installed Opensuse, did you install all the developper tools?

You could start programming (in java) with Netbeans or Eclipse.
They can easily be downloaded from the web.

i doubt that you’ll find a Visual basic for Linux, though - have a look at mono, or gambas (for a basic clone).



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If you want to run programmes in a programming language Gcc is for C++. Because I run and write programmes in this programming language and also I love it.

Programming languages I would want to be able to compile and run are C++, Java, and of course visual basic if at all possible. But I am dual booting Windows so it isn’t like I can’t use Visual Basic on that partition if I have to. I didn’t install the developer tools I don’t believe.


OK, you can do C++ in Eclipse, for example.
For java i’'d recommend Netbans, but that’s a personal preference.
You will need to install the required packages (try to find gcc or gcc++ etc).



So should I just type in gcc and download in the YasT package search section? And then how can I get Eclipse and Netbans? Thanks for helping Lenwolf,

–Shea Nemeth


go to Yast -> software management ->install & delete software.

Once this is up, you have a search box. There you can type in, for example, netbeans

This will bring up a list of packages on the right. select the one(s) you need/want, and hit accept.

The packages will be downloaded and installed, and you’re good to go.



Is there a certain package that is the right one? Like there is Netbeans-IDE and NetBeans Platform Javadoc. Which one is the right one?

gcc++ is already installed to your computer. It is included to operating system.


hyou’ll note that when you select the simple netbeans one, most of the others will be automatically selected as well, as they are also necessary …

The only unselected one is the javadoc,and I’d select that, yoo.

OK, gotta run…



gcc is NOT installed by default

Actually you CAN do VB.NET application development on openSUSE with the Mono project. Just go into YAST Software Management and search for Mono. Check mono-complete and monodevelop. Monodevelop 2.2 is a full-featured IDE that allows you to create .NET projects, such as ASP.NET with C# and VB.NET. I am not sure if it corresponds with VB.NET 2010 though.

If you want to do the Netbeans development, I would recommend the 6.7.1 cobundle. I like this way better because you can choose where you want to install your Netbeans, like in your home directory. This also installs the required Java JDK, again choosing where you want to install it.

Once you have Netbeans installed, navigate to Tools → Plugins and select C/C++.

Once you get that installed, then you want to make sure you install gcc, gcc-c++,gcc-fortran (if you like), and make. Then when you fire up Netbeans again, go to Tools → Options. You should see a C/C++ tab. Click on the tab and Netbeans should automatically pick up the necessary locations for gcc, gcc-c++ compilers.


it all depends on your install : I always choose all develpment packages when installing, and then it definitely is already installed when I try to use it.

But that, perhas, is not a default installl, then ?


On 02/20/2011 10:36 AM, lenwolf wrote:

> But that, perhas, is not a default installl, then ?

correct, a default install would be one where you make no changes to
the set of applications installed…accepting exactly what the install
routine is default programmed to install…

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