Program Title's in Kickoff Menu

Is there any way to switch program titles in the Kickoff menu to the actual program name? i.e. “Web Browser” to “Mozilla Firefox” instead.

Right click on the Kickoff and choose Menu Editor. Find the program there an click on it and edit the settings. Click Save and it will be updated.

Thanks, but is there anyway to do this for all applications in the menu and keep using the program names for the ones that will be added in the future?

Nope. Where it only because of the fact that “Mozilla Firefox” is only a piece of text that you prefer above “Web Browser”. The program name is “firefox” which you can see in the Command line in the window where you changed the Name field.

In KDE4 there is !!!

Unlock widgets
right click kicker icon
Configure launcher
Show programs by name.

Works instantly on KDE4 4.4.0

But a question behind this is still: What is the program name, where is defined what the program name is.
In the case of FF, some call it FF, it is on your system as firefox, the OP calls it Mozilla Firefox. Who decides what is the real name, and where is that defined (somewhere in the RPM package I suppose and thus done by the builder).

Thus it is still to be seen if the OP is satisfied by what your “Show programs by name” will do.

Actually that’s good enough for me! Though I noticed under “Applications” The “Find Files/Folders” symlink isn’t showing a title yet when I set it to Favorites, it does. Any ideas what could be wrong?