Program reports insufficient memory

Hi! I am trying to play Heroes of Newerth, but experience regular crashes due to insufficient memory. With high quality textures and sound the game crashes instantly and is playable only with either textures or sound set to low quality. The program occupies about 1 GB of memory and I have 2 GB in total with virtual memory disabled. Apparently the game crashes when it needs more than 1 GB.

My system is 64-bit OpenSUSE 11.2.

Under 32-bit Ubuntu the same program runs well.

How can I increase the amount of memory available to the program?

There is no real way to adjust the memory per app, I am assuming this is a windows game as most of them have issues like this.
If you use desktop effects, maybe turning them off is a good idea.

Why don’t you enable some swap space and try?
Typically, 64bit program occupy more memory than its 32bit version if the program is not optimized for 64bit architecture.

Swap space does indeed help, though it might not help here.
Personally i am assuming he/she is trying to run a windows game under linux here, something that can cause issues like this.
Gaming is the one (and only) thing that windows is good at, so for those who like gaming a dual boot is a good idea.

No, this is Linux native game and works excellent under other Linux flavors.

This program uses 64-bit executable when executed from 64-bit operating system so I assume it is optimized for 64-bit architecture. When it run, about 800 Mb still free but the program cannot use more than 1 Gb.

No this is Linux native game, one of the most popular. It is strange that you did not hear about it.

No the gaming side I dont know much about, I just know its small.
I dont know what to say about your issue, but maybe its hardware related as you said it works in other distros and maybe openSUSE is not using your devices properly.
Some distros have certain hardware woes.

This is a 64-bit issue. 32-bit client does not crash. I want to know how to allocate more memory to the client because 32-bit client does not work smoothly.

Ansus wrote:
> Hi! I am trying to play Heroes of Newerth

has the games forum been closed?

nope, i just checked it is still there: