Professional Video Editing Software

Hey guys!

I am wondering if there is a professional level video editing program for openSUSE 11? I am looking for something that can edit DV, hi-def and do some basic effects, capture from camera (firewire) and export with high quality codecs. Does such a program exist? Previously I was using Adobe Premier Pro 2.0 but I’ve had it up to here with Windows and want to delete it from my system forever.

Anyone able to help? Thanks!

Oh PS system requirements are not an issue. I have a system specifically built with editing capabilities in mind.

I am not familiar with Premier Pro’s capabilities, but the most control you can get with FOSS is Cinelerra. It can be buggy for some, but it has a lot of effects and gives the user much of the control.

For me, I use Kino to get the dv video off the camera (I think it is probably the most widely used for this task), and for basic editing.

Kdenlive is an up-and-comer for this area, and I use it sometimes as well.

try “jahshaka”

There are a lot of good wiki’s on the web, providing information for you.

For example, you mentioned professional video software. Then take a look here:
Movie Making Manual/Tools and Equipment/Linux in film production - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks

But lets say you wish to compare Linux software to Windows software. Then take a look here:
List of video editing software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
and then here:
Comparison of video editing software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

IMHO at the lower common user end, the Linux software lags the MS-Windows software in terms of capability and features. But in terms of the more advanced very expensive commercial/professional software, I believe Linux software is just as good, if not better than MS-Windows software.

TY so much. Very very useful info!