Processor Pool

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It might be kind of extraordinary questions, as I was looking for documentation or How-to on installing and configuring Processor Pool,
in simple words, how to install and configure Processor Pool in linux (lets say 1000 CPUs) to be dedicated as processing server for the entire network.

any guidance will be highly appreciated.

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That’s an IBM power VM keyword…

Perhaps you are looking/thinking about clustering?

Thanks for your reply,

Clustering is something else, I’m looking for Processing Pool, similar concept of the IBM’s you listed in your reply.
Processing Pool is dedicated Processing System, “Pool of CPUs” serving the entire network (Applications, Systems, etc… )
it actually comes with huge number of processors, but implemented Physically, where you can top on them Virtual Machines in some cases, or share processing time among connected terminals, depending on your design architecture.
So, I will highly appreciate if I can get a help on this

Thanking You