Processes not closing properly

I can’t believe I forgot to try this… but for now I am not experiencing issues with ext4 so lets wait and see. If it happen again I will post the logs :slight_smile:

Bad news… this is still happening to me. I just noticed it with Qupzilla and Firefox not closing properly. Anyone have any other ideas? I am going to try to run stuff from the terminal and see if I can capture useful output but till I do, suggestions are welcome.

Test your RAM?

Okay so after some more testing I think the problem is KSysGuard. Can
someone else set it to startup on login and then leave it running for a
while and see if there are any zombie looking processes? Then restart
KSysGuard and see if they go away. If they do then you have duplicated
what I just observed and that is probably what I was seeing.

openSUSE 13.1 64 bit
KDE 4.13.0
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