Process that can not be killed

Hello everyone.
Here Yfrog Image :
you will see a process that can not be killed and my failed attempts.

Could you please let me know:
A) why some processes can not be killed?
b) why kill -9 does not return any error?
c) what do you do for killing such processes?

I would like to thank you in advance for your help

Best Regards

A process in D state is in uninterruptible sleep, usually waiting for some I/O completion event. If a CD, try ejecting the tray, if a peripheral try disconnecting it, and so forth to see if that will wake it up. Otherwise a reboot is the only way.

what was process 5216?

i see you have tinyos installed, is that a tinyos root prompt
displayed? (it doesn’t look like my openSUSE prompt) what OS were you
running when you took that screen shot?

what is an ‘fs’ process (my grep found none here, just now)

did the output you show come directly from local hardware, or is it a
remote machine, or is there a VM involved? if anything other than one
machine please provide the details of operating sytems and VMs used to
construct this question…

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