Process misbehaving at boot


I am still relatively new to this Linux thingy so please be patient with me if I’m asking something obvious.

I have OpenSUSE 11 installed as a LAMP server (console only, no GUI) and recently added the X-mail mail server. In order to sort out some problems with Xmail I set it up to start in a logging mode where it sends output to the console continuously. After
configuring it correctly I left it in that state.

The problem I have now (after a reboot) is this:-
During the boot process all services seem to start ok up to where Xmail server starts correctly and starts outputting to the console. After that nothing happens, I cannot break out of the logging output from xmail and cannot get a command (login) prompt.

Is there a way to control which processes are started at boot? (So I can prevent xmail from starting and get a login prompt). I know what I did to break this and I know what to do to fix it (edit /etc/init.d/xmail.server) but I can’t get a prompt to do it.

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks… Ian

Try ctrl+alt+F2 to get to another virtual console.