Problems with Yast after switch from KDE to GNOME

Hello everybody…

After heavily testing of KDE 4.2 I decided to switch back to GNOME.

I installed all GNOME-Packages, log-in, everything fine, removing of KDE 4.2.

But I have a little problem.

I cannot get into Yast via Symbols in the menu. Only Yast via Alt-F2 will let me get into it. But in the Yast-Control-Center when clicking on any Button f.e. Installing Software, nothing happens.

Starting Yast via terminal gives me this errors

** (y2controlcenter-gnome:4699): WARNING **: error accessing /desktop/gnome/applications/y2cc-gnome/cc_actions_list [Der Konfigurationsserver konnte nicht kontaktiert werden; mögliche Fehlerquellen sind, dass TCP/IP für ORBit nicht aktiviert ist oder auf Grund eines Systemabsturzes alte NFS-Sperren gesetzt sind. Unter GConf configuration system erhalten Sie weitere Informationen (Details - 1: Verbindung zur Sitzung konnte nicht abgerufen werden: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.)]

Starting Intalling Software or any other module with yast2 <module> via terminal works without error.

Can anyone help me?

I understand you use the gtk version of YaST. Does the same happen with the qt version? You can switch between them (assuming they’re both installed) using sysconfig editor in yast (in your case the ncurses version).

THX for the quick replay.

First I want to say that on terminal (gnome-terminal) I didn’t fall back to ncurses. When entering on gnome-terminal yast2 <module> the GUI started…no problem there with the gtk-version.

I have the problems when trying to open via gnome-terminal and only yast2 command (then I will get the errors mentioned above and I am not able to activate any module from the GUI), with click on a symbol in the menu or with alt-f2 yast.

So I do what you told me and I installed the qt-version and change it in the sysconfig.
So from the gnome-terminal and command yast I can open the qt-version AND I can activated the modules over the GUI!
But no luck with trying via symbols in the menu or gnomesu /sbin/yast2 via alt-f2.

But I want the gtk-version working…what can I do?

One small thing I don’t get: what’s that ‘symbol’? From my experience (have been using SuSE since 5.3) stick with whatever qt-based program.


With symbol I mean the entry <Intalling Software> in the gnome-menu or slab. Sorry.

Any one an idea what can I do? A change on the laptop from KDE 4.2 to GNOME was without problems.

uhm, just to tell you that i’ve exactly the same problem.

did you fix that?


Presently not…

Uninstalling KDE may have inadvertently removed some other things. May help if you reinstall the base system, Gnome desktop, Yast installation. Bypassing the missing symbols,you may want to stick with (sudo or as root):

yast2 --ncurses

Then in Software Management, Filter by “Patterns”. Check Base system, Gnome Base, Software Management, Yast Admin,…

Or, check zypper’s logs at /var/log/zypp/history and /var/log/zypper.log around the time you removed KDE. That’ll show you what the system actually did.

Ok…reinstalling of all packages you mentioned–but no luck.

Still the problems.

Checking the logs showed no errors on any erase or something.


Sorry to hear that. How about the error message you mentioned earlier? My German’s quite rusty, so I don’t know what it’s saying, but the gconf key it mentions, “/desktop/gnome/applications/y2cc-gnome/cc_actions_list”, is described as “Task names and associated .desktop files” (I’m getting this from the Gnome Configuration Editor). The key value is empty on my system, but perhaps you can look up where these “task… .desktop files” are supposed to be, and whether they’ve been corrupted or removed on your system.

Try this:
Go to the /etc/sysconfig editor in YaST (if it wont start up, switch to console by Ctrl+Alt+F1 and then run yast there).
Then go to System/Yast2/GUI/WANTED_GUI.
Maybe WANTED_SHELL will also interest you. Hope this helps.

have same problem after update gnome to 2.28. QT version of YaST work good, but GTK version don’t start.

When I try start it from terminal, GUI run with errors

** (y2controlcenter-gnome:7430): WARNING **: error accessing /desktop/gnome/applications/y2cc-gnome/cc_actions_list Сбой при контакте с сервером конфигурации; среди возможных причин то, что необходимо включить сетевые возможности TCP/IP для ORBit, или то, что остались старые блокировки NFS из-за краха системы. Для получения информации смотрите . (Подробно -  1: Не удалось подсоединиться к сеансу: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.)]

I try to reinstall yast, but this have no effect. :frowning: