Problems with wifi driver "iwl4965" on OpenSuse 10.3


I am encountering many problems to use my wifi link on my Asus Z53S.

Pratically the network settings of thw WIFI link are correctly set and the driver loads correctly, BUT after few seconds (about 20 continuous “pings”) online, in which I can surf the web, pinging, etc… the connection hangs up without any clear message in /var/log/message.

I tried to put down the interface and re-putting up, but it makes no difference…

Please give some help, thanks.

TBH, I’d consider moving to openSUSE 11.0. The iwl driver support in the kernel for 10.3 was weak, at best. 11.0 is much improved.

You could alternatively look at upgrading your kernel to one of the newer ones.

Just my 2c…


Oh yeah :slight_smile:

Following your advice I installed the OpenSuse 11.0, and it’s great! a part from the wifi problem tha I reported with the 10.3, now is solved, partially because I need to startup manually the link but it’s working…
Another thing really better than 10.3 is the font rendering, I don’t know if XORG version has changed, but now I have also a graceful and well readable font rendering. Thank you

Interesting what you note about font rendering …

I was playing with the openSUSE-11.0 KDE-4.1 live CD (not the 4.0, but the 4.1), and it took me a while to get FONTs as good in openSUSE-11 KDE-4.1 as I had in openSUSE-10.3 KDE-3.5.7 and KDE-3.5.9. So I started playing around with my themes and fonts in KDE3 (which is something I rarely do) and discovered my KDE3 font implementation was highly dependent on:
a. my video driver,
b. my desktop theme selection
c. availability of MS-Fonts
d. selection of anti-aliasing
e. selection of dpi
In particular what surprised me was how sensitive fonts were to theme selection and video driver implementation.

Playing around with KDE-4.1 I discovered an approximately similar sensitivity.

I’m fortunate that I found fonts that I like in 10.3 and 11.0 but I can see now where if one does not understand how all these factors are important, that they can end up with fonts that they don’t like.

But to get on topic, I’m glad to read iwl4965 works better in openSUSE-11. I plan to purchase a new laptop in a few months (in Nov), and thus I was looking at some Levono and Toshiba and HP models (plus some other Laptop brands). The specific Levono and Toshiba and HP models I was looking at all have Intel PRO/Wireless 4965AGN Adapters. … and hence its good to read of iwl4965 success.