Problems with update to 11.4

I have just upgraded to 11.4 in two steps from 11.2, and it works,
except for two problems.

  1. I have Intel Fortran installed, but now when I try to compile, I
    get the message that “ifort” is not a known command. It is
    present in the man files and I checked that the folder
    is present in the directory that the login file .bashrc points to.
    What might have happened, and what can I do to restore “ifort”
    without reinstalling Fortran?
  2. When I type a text now, the system stops regularly accepting
    what I type, and I have to click on the place where I am typing
    in order to continue. This happens aboput once or twice in a given
    line. What causes this?
    Thanks for any help with these.

You could check your installed system by doing

su -
zypper ve

Typically, upgrades are not without problems.

Creating a new user as a test login, is a good way to check if anything in your old user settings is causing problems (but it doesn’t really sound like it’s that to me)

Run **top **in a terminal and see if anything is spiking the CPU or RAM