Problems with two Monitors

Hi, I have problems setting up my new Suse 11.1 with two monitors.

I have a Nvidia 7300, and two monitors: one 1980x1200(digital, left side) and 1600x1200(analog, right side).
I use a Nvidia card&driver and can already move my mouse over both monitors. (did nvidia-settings)

The problem that remains is, that KDE(?) doesn’t realize it. Only the right(analog) one is used by it. What do I have to change to get both working?

That’s basically what I tried to ask on IRC (lizard_r), unfortunately this time without response forcing me to ask here.

I now also tried enabling DualHead-mode in SaX2, but that doesn’t work, I attached the log in the «Traceback» section

EDIT: Wherever that traceback section is, here is the link

Sorry for doubleposting/bumping but I’m unable to find the edit button for my post :
I just want to add that when I lock my desktop, the screensaver is used on both. When I move my Mouse it will look normal(oxygen) on both screens. after I unlocked it, left will only display a white bordered cross in the left half again.