Problems with the plasmoid problems

Plasmoids are nice things but for me they raise a problem. openSUSE comes with a lot of pre-installed plasmoids. You can also install plasmoids after by use of the import function.
With the offer of using the update procedure to maintain the system settings, we are getting now more and more machines … with a lot of plasmoids.

Now at times, it happens that with some of these I have problems.
My query here: where should I report these?

On one hand, if they are preinstalled plasmoids, it is supposed that bugs in the function should be responsability of openSUSE, so probably…I should ask for help here and file a bugreport in bugzilla.
But when they where *imported, *who remembers still whether they were openSUSE ones or imported?? When they are imported I should contact the respective developer. This choice is getting tricky in an updated system.

Finally: when asking for help for a plasmoid, I would suspect that a good place to ask is ***applications. ***But what subforum?
Thanks for your feedback. (I could have posted this second point in “forum use” subforum but the first part again did not seem to fit. So in doubt, I post it here.