Problems with the desktop after opensuse 13.2 -> Leap 15.0 update


I was using opensuse 13.2 for years and recently updated to Leap 15.0.
By “updated” I mean:

  • the / catalog was wiped out clean for a fresh install of all system files
  • the /home/my_user catalog was preserved with all “.” configuration files from the old system

The new 15.0 is great, but I have some problems with the desktop, e.g.:

  • frequently: desktop widgets stop working
  • sometimes: I get the “Kwin was restarted due to graphics reset” message and then the digital watch in the tray freezes
  • rarely: when my GPU is heavily loaded I loose control over my system, i.e., I can see the verbose STDOUT progress log in my konsole and can move my mouse, but otherwise can do nothing at all but wait until the end of the GPU-task and restart

I believe that the problem is related to CONFIGURATION FILES FROM THE OLD 13.2 SYSTEM TO INTERFERE SOMEHOW WITH THE NEW SYSTEM. This is because I had two equivalent computers with 13.2, and I updated them to 15.0, but in the second case I intentionally made a fresh user catalog (i.e., no old configuration files) - as a result, I have no problems with the second computer.

So, what I do now is I delete old configuration files one-by-one in my user catalog, restart the system and observe. But it would be nice if you could give me a shortcut - i.e., which config files from the old opensuse family causes the problem with the new one?

Thank you for your time.

I can tell you what I do in that case.

I logout from my preferred desktop, and login to “Icewm” (because “Icewm” does not use most of your desktop configuration). And I start a terminal session (there’s an icon on the panel for starting and “xterm” session.

I create a directory “OLD”

mkdir OLD

I move old configuration files to OLD

mv .config .cache .local .gt* .kde4 OLD

Maybe use “ls -a” to look for other old configuration files to move there.

Then I logout from “Icewm” and login to my preferred desktop. This allows it to recreate the session.

I will eventually do

'rm' -rf OLD

to remove the old files. But I will wait for a month or two. Maybe I want to retrieve some of those old files, such as my “akregator” subscription list or my old email.

I am in somewhat the same situation, having just moved from 13.2 to Leap 15.0(upgrade failed, clean install required). It is very difficult to tell what ‘.’ files to transfer back into my home directory. Where did my cpumontior widget go? Is my wallpaper gone for good? Apparently. What about all my stored passwords on Firefox? Just commenting, not whining. I will start a different thread for specific questions.

There is also the possibility to create a new user, and see if everything works

Those will be somewhere under the “.mozilla” subdirectory of your home directory.

I think it is: .mozilla/firefox/*.default/logins.json