Problems with Soundblaster Live 24 bit

Afternoon all,

I’ve just installed a new processor and mobo, however, my soundcard remains the same. My proc is a Phenom quad core, my board a ASUS M2N68 PLUS and my sound card a Soundblaster Live 24 bit PCI card. Anyway, the sound does work. Sometimes. But everytime I boot the message comes up…

The audio playback device Live! 7.1 SB0410 does not work. Falling back to CA0106, CA0106 (side speakers).

Plus, the sound sometimes dies on me.

At first I thought this was something to do with my onboard sound. I did disable it in the BIOS, but was wondering whether it was causing problems anyway. But now, looking at this warning, it seems the problem is related to my soundcard. The only problem is my card doesn’t have 7.1 capabilities. It’s a 5.1 card.

The card used to word fine with my old board and processor. Any ideas on what to try?