Problems with screen resolution at startup

Hello everybody,
first, i’ve got so say, that i’m new in the Linuxworld. Usually I use the “bad” OS from Redmond, you know :wink:

Yesterday I installed my first OpenSuse, Version 10.3 (I used an old DVD from the c’t magazine, because the PC is not very fast…).

Installation was great.
Then I carried the PC to a friend, because he needed a fresh installation of an OS.

But, his Screen does not support the resolution used by the logon Screen.

Now I want to edit the file which gives the the resolution at runlevel 5.

My questions are:

  1. Is there any way, to give a parameter at the bootscreen, so he can change the resolution in the GUI?
  2. If not, which file must be edited?

Many thanks for your help!

Best regards


you can follow this thread.
Follow exactly what caf mentioned there. Maybe will help you out.

Can’t enter to the OS via live cd to install - openSUSE Forums

Thank you for your quick answer, mmarif4u!

When I’m going home, I’ll visit my friend and yust try it out!

Best regards from Germany


So, i tested ist yesterday evening.

Sh…, Linux could be so easy, if you know, what to do… :smiley: rotfl!

I’ve booted the system. Then I switshed to another console with [Alt]+[F2]. There I logged in the user root and I started sax2.
Now I was able to configure the graphical system.
Next time, switching to runlevel 5 everything was great!

Thank you for your assistance!

Best regards from northern frisia


Your are welcome.
Glad to hear, you sorted it out.