Problems with RS232 port (COM) after installing ATI video driver

Hi everyone!
I’ve POS-machine with Gigabyte e350n motherboard. And it doesn’t start Xorg graphics after system loads. So I installed ATI video driver xf86-video-ati and now graphics work fine.
BUT after that I have another issue. Once 5-10 minutes my soft can’t reach RS232 (COM) port.
Give me some ideas to fix it, please!

Give me some ideas to fix it, please!

Give us please some more details on how it was working before, which interface? (/dev/ttyS0, /dev/ttyUSB0 etc), which program are you using to connect and what is the exact error you get?

Please also post the output of “ls -l /dev/<device>”

Hi! I’ve found out what it was/

The problem was my touch driver used COM port but there wasn’t ISA IRQ settings turned on right in BIOS. :sweat_smile:
Sorry for disturbing you.