Problems with resolution

Ok, so I am having some issues with my screen resolution. I am not sure if it is a monitor or graphics card issue. I believe I have the ATI x300 card. I am gunning a dell dimension E510. My monitor is a MAG Innovision.
The screen resolution keeps changing. I had this same issue with 11.3. Also, the screen looks fuzzy in certain places, especially white areas and bars at the tops and bottoms of pages. By fuzzy, I mean it will be a color that doesn’t belong there and it will kind of look like static, in either a line, or a blob, or just the whole box.
I recently had to disable all desktop effects because they would make the screen unusable.

Any thoughts?


I should add that sometimes, the screen looks fine, with no issues whatsoever, sometimes the screen will just have very minor issues, and then some of the time, it is as described above.