Problems with Realtek RTL8186c/8111c card

I have a HP Pavillion Elite with dual boot.

OpenSuse seems to be having problem with the Realtek RTL8186c/8111c card in my machine.

The network works sporadically. Sometimes everything works fine in OpenSuse sometimes there is no network connection. Just rebooting the computer will (sometimes) get the network working again.

I haven’t changed any settings from the install.

Any suggestions?



I found a page that seems to adress this issue here: SDB:Realtek 8169 driver problem - openSUSE

However, this does not solve my problem. The remaining suggestion to try is to install the drivers from Realtek, but I am uncertain as how to compile and install the driver in OpenSuse.

Please help! :confused:


My backup solution is to buy a D-link DUB E100 usb network card, but that feels like such a “plan b” solution…

You may find that a usb solution is jumping from the fying pan into the fire. I have a Trendnet card that worked well with the 8185 driver. I think I used it both ways: “native” and with ndiswrapper. Did you try both?

I have the same card and had to compile the kernel driver from source. BTW I have 64Bit openSUSE installed with kernel In case you are still looking for a solution, let me know and I can help.