problems with polkit update

a couple of days ago there was a polkit update in the Leap 42.1 update repo.
Since then - when I logout and then log back in I am presented with a password prompt

if I enter the root password the updater application then tells me no connection due to unauthorised access (or something similar) and if I enter no password then I get the same message.
In addition - using the kde menu entries to either reboot or shutdown no longer work - they simply just log me out.

The updated polkit is 0.113-6.1
rolling back the update to polkit 0.112-4.2 solves the issue for me.

I am not able to reproduce this. I am not seeing a problem after the polkit update.

only occurs after logging out (not restarting) and then logging back in to the same user.
I’m not entirely sure of the reason for the password prompt . . . you can see it mentions network manager but my wifi connection completes successfully before I do anything with the password prompt.


I am using a “shutdown” script in Plasma 5, which does:

systemctl --user exit

Without that, the systemd user process hangs around, and I think it is reused in the next login. It is probably trying to talk to the polkit agent from the previous session instead of the agent for the current session.

My guess is that my shutdown script is protecting me from the problem that you are seeing.

This morning, I rechecked this. And now I am getting that authentication screen.

For me, however, the root password is accepted.

Following the authentication prompt, I get the kdewallet prompt. And, following that, my network is connected.

I’ve repeated this three or four times.

My shutdown script that I mentioned above, doesn’t seem to have any effect. That is, the “systemd --user” process does not exit in spite of the script. So the next session has a systemd user process that is older than the login session.

Following that, I edit my connection in NetworkManager, and set it to be shared by all users. With that change, I am no longer prompted for authentication on login followed by login.

I have also run into a different problem. I am using “lightdm” as login manager. When I first boot, I can use the menu of lightdm to shutdown or reboot the system. But after I have logged in and logged out, that menu is no longer accessible. Reverting to the previous “polkit” version fixes this problem.

So now I’m off to find your bug report and add comments.

Hi all,

Had the authentication problem as described. Searching forums brought me here and I can confirm rolling back the updated polkit is 0.113-6.1 to polkit 0.112-4.2 solves the issue for me as well


Rolling back polkit worked for me also.
I wasn’t able to import photos in Digikam after logging out and back in again.
It was driving me nuts. Thanks for the fix.