Problems with packman 😕

Hello!, this is my first post in suseforums. I would like to start saying tank you for all the answers that i’ve found on the forum. But now i got a problem with packman and 1clickInstall, just after installing OpenSUSE 11.0, the first thing that i did was upgrading Firefox beta 5 to Firefox 3.0 final, through :

work great!, and then i try to install xine-lib using packman but it didn’t work, instead i get a message that says that it’s been a problem whit when the repository was initializing, then i get a window in wich packman’s information appears, here is :


Don’t know why this happens, but 1clickInstall work great with the official repositories.


PS: On my hard disk i had suse 10.3, then i choose to upgrade to suse 11. Sorry for my bad english!!!:slight_smile:

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I confess I don’t use the 1-click install for this.

Instead, you could simply add packman, oss, non-oss, and main update to your YaST/zypper repositories. Do that by going here and following the VERY simple instructions:
Repositories/11.0 - openSUSE-Community
once complete, then with root permissions, simply type in a konsole/xterm:
zypper refresh
zypper install smplayer

That will install the excellent smplayer front end to mplayer, and also install mplayer and all its dependencies.

Tanks oldcpu, i was going to install Mplayer from the source, but i don’t want to give up with this problem. So i try what you suggest me and it work, now xine works!, but still don’t know why wasn’t added packman as a repositorie?. And also i’m going to install mplayer (yes, it’s way better than xine). Many files that i couldn’t open with xine works fine in Mplayer.


[QUOTE=-mariano-;1836689]Many files that i couldn’t open with xine works fine in Mplayer./QUOTE]

The version of xine-lib that is packaged by Novell/SuSE-GmbH is crippled for proprietary multimedia. Hence the solution to get xine to work is to install the Packman packaged version of libxine1. ie in an xterm/konsole, with root permissions, type:

zypper install libxine1 xine-ui xine-skins w32codec-all

and it should replace the version of xine-lib packaged by Novell.