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I’ve switched to OpenSuse 11.2 last month from Linux Mint. I’m running KDE 4.3 and using compiz as my window manager. Generally the experience has been a good one, but there are a few bugs which while not critical, are minor annoyances and I would like to fix. Some might be more simple than others to solve, but even if I can get rid of a few, that will make the experience smoother.

  • System Tray not displaying docked applications:
    When I close Amarok or Pidgin they still run, but no icon is displayed in the system tray. The only icons I see are Volume Control, Network Connection, KWallet, and Notifications.

  • Pidgin Keyring problem:
    This is mainly a problem with running a Gnome app in KDE. Pidgin uses keyring to store my password and not the Wallet. This means I have to enter 2 passwords to get my stuff running, which is a pain. Is there a way to simply disable the keyring? I guess another option would be using Kopete but I don’t really like the interface and hate the notifications

  • window decorator around panel:
    Randomly I’ll reboot my computer or something, and suddenly there’s a window decoration around the panel and no way to get rid of it. Right now it’s there and a reboot did not remove it. I’m guessing this might be a Compiz problem.

  • Wi-Fi randomly does not work:
    Sometimes I’ll boot my computer and the Wi-Fi won’t work. A reboot usually fixes this for me. However I think this might be a hardware issue, since I’ve had the same problem in Windows. However it’s never happened in Ubuntu based distributions.

Finally I was wondering if there’s a script I could run to automatically mount all drives (including NTFS) on boot.

That’s about it. I guess I sound like I’m whining a lot but I’ve enjoyed my experience with OpenSuse so far. However these bugs take away from the experience. I hate having to reboot all the time to fix these problems, since I usually run my computer 24/7.

Thanks for any help or advice you can give me.

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Use Kwin as windows manager, KDE 4 have builtin the same effects as compiz

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Agree with VampirID and was just going to ask you why Compiz with KDE4? There can be good reasons (I do it myself on a work machine which just refuses to run KWin but is fine with Compiz) but generally speaking it’s asking for trouble.

Well, Kwin is horribly slow on my system and I’d read somewhere Compiz was faster. I tried it out and indeed it was. Kwin was really slow to minimize/maximize especially. And the effects aren’t really customizable. I don’t know. Maybe I should switch back and try to fix the problems with kwin?