Problems with openSUSE 11.2 on Toshiba laptop

Hey everyone,

I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite A660-12p on which i installed openSUSE 11.2, but several problems have shown up ever since and i don’t know how to fix them.

  1. the file system on my / partition is corrupted and i can fix it with the DVD. Anyone knows how to fix it

  2. i cannot connect to wireless networks. When i try to add a new network connection, i can only choose between Wired, VPN and DSL. OpenSUSE doens’t even find the wireless interface.

  3. I can’t add a single desktopeffect. When i try to, openSUSE says that they cannot be activated

  4. Same with screensavers, i even get an error message if i just leave my laptop for a while.

  5. several packages like toshutil and others couldn’t be installed. Where can i find them?

  6. i also get some lag at the login screen. It always takes half a minute before i can finally type my password

Those are the main problems i’m having ATM. Can someone plz help me. Thx in advance

  1. You meant CAN or CAN’T fix it with DVD. You need to provide more info like openSUSE 11.2 32bit or 64bit, type of filesystem ext3 or ext4 …, were there any error messages when you did install? Are you dual booting with Windows? IF so can you access Windows?
  2. Can you open a terminal and provide us info on the wireless being used? Are you trying to use YAST (with ifup) or Networkmanager to access the wireless?
      1. … can be tackled when you a valid filesystem and working wireless.
  3. Having used toshiba’s for years, the only toshutil i’ve seen is for windows OS, Linux shouldn’t need the toshutils as openSUSE, Kunbuntu, Mandriva have always handled the toshiba just fine.
  1. Sorry it’s a typo. I meant that i can’t fix it with the dvd. It’s a 32 bit, filesystem ext4, i am actually triple booting with windows 7 and XP and i can access both of them. No error messages during installation.

  2. In the terminal, when i type ifconfig, he finds eth0 and lo, but no wireless interface. I’m using the Networkmanager
    3,4,6) Guess i’ll try to fix the other problems first

  3. So i don’t need toshutil. Ok then

a corrupt filesystem must be fixed first and foremost. That indicates that something was not installed right and caused damage. I recall mine got corrupted once by a program I installed but I can’t remember what it was, I just reinstalled from scratch and things then worked. The lack of the wireless may be tied to the corruption (as in if /etc/ or /dev/ are in the corrupted zone.