Problems with opening 256 bit AES encrypted pdf in Okular and Evince

Today I received AES v3 encrypted pdf from my coworker and I could not open it neither with Okular or Evince on Leap 42.1. The pdf was correct and I could open it using Acrobat Reader on Windows. I’ve tried with other files encrypted using AES v3 with 256 bit key and there was the same issue.

On Linux only PDF.js built in Firefox was able to handle those files without problem.

Software versions:
Qt: 4.8.6
KDE: 4.14.18
Okular: 0.24.2

GNOME Shell 3.16.4
GNOME document viewer 3.14.2

Okular does not show anything when I try to open those files from console.

In case of Evince I got the following error:

Syntax Error: Invalid encryption key length
Command Line Error: Incorrect password

I remember that several years ago there was a problem with AES v3 (256 bit) implementation in many Linux pdf readers but I thought that this was already fixed long time ago. On google I found some old (2009-2011) reports with similar problem with end comments that it is already fixed.

Maybe I am missing something ? Any help or suggestion appreciated.