Problems with Okular and print settings - Is there a good alternative app?

I have had trouble with printing from Okular because it does not accept the print settings set on my system and I cannot find any options within Okular to change the paper tray settings so I have to go to the printer every time to press a button on the machine. I have now removed Okular from my system.

Is there a good and reliable alternative app for opening and printing pdf files?

I know that Libreoffice and Firefox, both of which are installed, also now work quite well with pdf files but each has drawbacks, particularly Firefox which is very slow.

What do you use for printing? Standard CUPS?. I use Okular and my printing is with Turboprint and I don’t have any problems printing. I know TP is commercial but I’ve found it excellent. I have no association with TP just a satisfied user.


I can hardly believe that it’s really an Okular issue. Doesn’t it just use the system printing dialogue? Here, with KDE it’s the same as with, say, kaddressbook.
The paper tray as well as duplex and other settings I can find in the printer properties (not in the options).
It’s an Epson, the settings I can access in the properties dialogue vary with the installed printer driver. Did you check these things? It may be similar with other brands.

This sounds more like a printer driver problem; Okular will work with the features of the printer driver. You could try Document Viewer AKA Evince which has a paper tray option which is disabled if the printer driver does not support the paper tray option.

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Yes, it could be a printer driver problem. Okular and Evince work here with my brother printers.

Hmmm… I have a Brother DCP-7065N (prints on both sides) and when try to print a pdf from Okular I dont have the “2-side” alternative. I always open pdf’s in Google Chrome where the alternative exist :slight_smile:

Interesting, -changed the driver. Now i can retch the double-side printing in Okular by, ->print, ->options, → options again ->long/short side binding. I have learned something today :slight_smile:


Many thanks for all the feedback. I am using a networked HP LaserJet M602 as my default printer and have been getting strange and inconsistent results where sometimes the printer just works, for example if printing from Firefox but more consistently the problem with Okular which has been that the automatic paper feed tray options fail in that there is no paper in Tray 1, which there shouldn’t be unless I ask for it for printing labels or envelopes.

More recently I had a runaway instance of Dolphin and Okular fighting and opening windows every fraction of a second and I had to force a stop. At that point I decided enough was enough and uninstalled Okular.

I set the installed options for the printer using Yast>Hardware>Printer. The paper tray options are a bit strange as for Tray 2 the only choice is for HPCustomMediaCassetteTray2 which I have set for false as I assume the default is the normal Tray 2. Tray 3 is for HP500SheetInputTray. I have HPPaperSource as AutomaticallySelect but I have had some issues with the automatic detection if Tray 1 is loaded, for example with label media.

I make the soft changes I require in System Settings>Printers and leave the duplex printing off normally as most folk prefer single sided printout for work and I can turn it on for manuals and such if required.

I may try Evince for a change and hope the issues I have had go away eventually so meanwhile many thanks to all for comments and suggestions.

I have occasionally found in the past that CUPS identifies an alternative printer driver, when you use Modify
printer, which works better than the one found by YaST.

Hi and thanks for the suggestion. After trying Evince I decided, like a prodigal to revert to Okular. Meanwhile I have updated the firmware on the printer which was rather old. Fingers crossed I will get the configuration I wanted working.
Thanks for the suggestions.