Problems with nvidia 9800 gx and openSUSE 42.1

Hi there everybody!

I have installed nvidia controller Ge-Force 9800 GTX (]( from and it seems to run all ok, I also added my user to group video, but when I restart an error screen appears instead the login screen.

Since it is a recent installed system, I decided to re-install openSUSE leap from the beggining, but what the surprise when the installation is starting after loading the kernel and other stuff, my monitor switches to UNACCEPTABLE MODE or RESOLUTION or something like that… and I cannot start the installation either the graphical interface…

I tried to boot with my other linux distro debian based (with no nvidia drivers) and it ran perfectly… How can I fix both problems?? First of all being able to launch the installation program, and after how to install correctly nvidia controller. Or directly how to fix my actual installation through the console.

Thanks in advance.