Problems with Network

I run Suse 12.1 64 bit to start with the xfce desktop I have wired dsl from ATT and I have tried other OS’s and they all run fine except for debian 6.05 which wants the “drivers” from a USB port. What happens is the fact that I only get some internet, yes lets say I type in Free Skype internet calls and cheap calls to phones online - Skype I go to the website but when I click on a link to go further on the site it won’t let me and claims page not there or some **** like that. And this works for any site so I know its the OS and not the site or anything else cuz remember on other OS’s I can get around just fine so something in suse is forbidden me to see the entire internet. My system is an ACER X1920 aspire that runs fine with any other OS.