problems with Netcard dirver

I’ve installed SLES10 in my computer and suse can’t recognize the netcard(RTL8168C/811C(p)).so I get the driver from realtek website and installed the driver with guides. after all is done, I can go online. However, when the computer restart, SUSE can’t recognize the netcard again and the light of netcard is off. how to solve this problem?
I installed the driver as the following:

lsmod | grep r8169

rmmod r8169

make clean modules (as root or with sudo)

make install

depmod -a

modprobe r8168

lsmod | grep r8168

lsmod | grep r8168

ifconfig -a

ifconfig ethX up

ifconfig ethX up

,where X=0,1,2,… >:(

my computer has been installed with windows XP and SLES 10. when I reboot from suse and restarted to suse, and the network of suse worked well. However, When switched windows XP, and then reboot to SUSE, the network of SUSE can’t work.
how can I solve this problem?
thank you very much

I used to have this problem. When I noticed that resetting my router solved the problem as well as a cold reboot, I got the idea that XP does not shut down network card properly, so that the router kept the connection. Therefore no new IP was handed to the networkcard. What I did solved the issue:

Changed both XP and SUSE to static network ip’s, the XP having, the SUSE having

From that moment on, problem was solved.

Known problem on dual boot systems; windows turns the card off in a strange way and linux cannot activate it.

Solution is windows related, set “Wake on lan after shutdown” on “enable” in Windows.