Problems with mysql-DB


I have set up and populated a database for my DVD collection on my Dell Mini 10v under Ubuntu 8.04. After copying the files
HeinrichsDVDs.frm, HeinrichsDVDs.MYD, HeinrichsDVDs.MYI to my Lenovo TP 61 under openSUSE 11.1 I could open and read the database without problems.

When trying this for the second time I got the following error message: ERROR 1017 (HY000): Can’t find file: ‘./mydvds/HeinrichsDVDs.frm’ (errno: 13)

Also, after copying the files from the netbook to the TP61 again, I still get this message. Access rights are OK.

Any idea.



Does this help?

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you should really export your DBs with mysqldump and then import them on the new machine. Much easier than copying files around and changing perms

Hi and thanks,

But where does mysqldump write the output to? Couldn’t find a file
(the DB name is MyDVDs) and could not find a hint for name/location of output file in /etc/mysql/my.cnf either.

Can you help?



To standard output or to the file specified with the -r option. There is a man page for it.