problems with MySpace + Flash in Firefox

So I haven’t used MySpace in forever but I wanted to listen to some old bands from back in the day who still had their accounts active. MySpace told me to download the latest version of flash, I did so, and it still doesn’t work. I’m still getting the same “please update” message even though I have the version it is asking for. This problem only occurs in Firefox, MySpace players work fine in Safari but I’m not interested in using Safari. I’ve rebooted, reinstalled and still no luck.

I’ve included some pictures that I hope will help.

some things to consider:

  1. I like Firefox… I would appreciate solution that allow me to use MySpace player on Firefox instead of having to use a different browser
  2. Chrome snobs need not lord over me with their claims of browser superiority
  3. I appreciate any and all attempts to resolve this problem, thank god for forums :slight_smile:

what operating system and version are you using?

i ask because the photos seem to indicate it is some version of an
Apple-Mac, is that right?

if so, these are the openSUSE Linux forums and you need to seek help
elsewhere (because few here run both Apple and Linux, so i doubt you
will find any gurus to assist you)

anyway i am listening to some good Blues at in Mozilla
Firefox 14.0.1-28.1 using Shockwave Flash in my
openSUSE 11.4

no problems at all…runs great…so i can’t duplicate your problem here.