Problems with login

I receive this message:“Theme not usable with authentication method ‘Generic’”. I press OK, then the text box for login is on the top left, I write my login and the text box for password is on the top left, I write my password and I can run with OpenSuse 11.1 perfectly, but I allways reboot my computer this message es showned.
I need help.

I sorry for my english.

The login screens of openSUSE are themable. But not all of them. Apparently you’ve choosen the Generic login-screen, which is with minimal graphics, as you describe.
What do you run as a desktop, KDE4, KDE3, Gnome? When did it get this way, from immediately after install? Did you do something and then it suddenly was like this?
It is clear that the displaymanager tries to apply a theme to the login-screen, that the current program that displays the login-screen cannot handle.

My laptop computer is OpenSuse 11.1(x86_64), OS=linux x86_64. Desktop version is KDE 4.1.3, release 4.9.Possibly, I did something and then it suddenly was like this.
At the login manager program I have tried to change the theme to Oxygen from Opensuse 11.1, but it says:" command ‘usr/in/kcmshell4 kdm --lang en_US’ not found’.


Maybe the problem is that you tried to setup an alternative login procedure like a fingerprint reader.

Try the following: when the error appears, click “ok”. The not working login screen is shown. Use the “Menu” at the bottom of the screen (left hand) and choose “Console Login”. This terminates the graphical session and switches to console. Enter username and password at the prompt and after successful login, enter “startx” to start the graphical session again.

After Window Manager started, launch YaST and select “Hardware”. If “Fingerprint Reader” exists, choose its configuration and disable the device in “User Authentication” if it is currently selected. Save your new configuration with “Finish” and restart your computer.

Check if the error message disappeared.

The explanation above is an example for an alternative authentication with fingerprint readers. Other authentication hardware may apply in similar ways. Furthermore, deactivating the hardware is not a perfect solution. If this “workaround” fixes the error and you plan to use alternative authentication, please refer to the manuals how to setup those hardware correctly.

Hope this helps.

This description is based on openSUSE 11.1, KDE 4.1.3 on HP nx6125 laptop with build-in AuthenTec AES2501 Fingerprint Sensor.

It is OK.
That’s the solution.

Tank you very much.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion! Removing fingerprint reader solved the issue with login manager!

Hi guys, thanks for your feedbacks!
I really appreciated this.

Hope you find a solution if you want to get the fingerprint reader working as well.


related issue I think - screensaver says “authentication failed” and all buttons greyed out so cannot log in - same solution - disable fingerprint reader as specified above.


I have the same issue, but I would like to use the fingerprint authentication. It has been working until I’ve upgraded to 11.2. It works temporary also in 11.2, if you disable the fingerprint authentication, reboot and enable it again. It’s possible to logout/login with a fingerprint afterwards without any issues, but only until a reboot.

Does somebody know a workaround to fix this?

Thanks for any feedback