Problems with Leap 15 + Plasma + Ext4 + Disk Encryption


I installed Leap 15 some weeks ago. I had trouble with btrfs/xfs in the last year and I used Ext4 for the root and the user partition this time. Furthermore, I use disk encryption.
Now I have three strange problems, no show stoppers but annoying effects:

I created an encrypted ext4 disk (external drive) some days later via Yast. Now, the boot procedure of the system is delayed for 90 seconds if the drive is disconnected. Otherwhise the system expects the password for the external drive. The drive is not part of fstab. I am confused, how can I disable this behavior? I found no settings entries in Yast for this, too.

If I connect the external drive, I can enter the password and the drive is mounted. However, the Plasma Device Notifiert shows the drive but I never leaves the “Accessing…” state. It never shows options like “Open in file manager” etc. But I can use the button for dismounting. Is this a known ext4 / Plasma bug or is it a problem based on a bad configuration setup?

A shutdown results in a final flood of messages (device-mapper: remove ioctl on cr_sda2 / system_root failed: Device or resource is busy. But finally the system shuts down. Is this a serios bug (can it destroy my partitions) or can I ignore it? I have no log file at the moment, but the situation is introduced by:

Stopping Monitoring of LVM2 mirrors, snapshots etc. using dmeventd or progress polling…
Stopped Remount Root and Kernel File Systems.
Reached target Shutdown.
dracut Warning: Killing all remaining processes

Thank your very much for your help.

Best regards

This is because you probably have an entry for that disk in “/etc/crypttab”.

Simplest solution would be to put “noauto” in the 4th column of that entry. There’s a man page for “crypttab” giving the format.

The chances are that either the 4th column does not exist, or contains “none” for your disk. So just make that column say “noauto”.

It is possible that there are only two columns for your disk. In that case, make the third column say “none” and the 4th column say “noauto”.

(edit) It is possible that changing “/etc/crypttab” doesn’t fix the problem. In that case run “mkinitrd” as root.

Oops. Missed this part in my previous reply.

Yes, I am seeing those. It seems to be harmless. By the time this happens, the disk has been remounted as read-only, so no damage can be done to it. There is actually an open bug report, Bug 1080485 on this issue.

Wonderful, the boot problem is solved and I will ignore the flood of messages during shutdown. Thank you very much for your help! :slight_smile:

The problem with the device notifier is not a real problem. Maybe someone can give me a hint or I will wait for further plasma patches. Thought it could be related to the wrong disk setup, but the problem remains the same. It doesn’t matter, I am very happy about the faster boot procedure. :slight_smile: