Problems with Kernel update 2.70.

I upgraded to the newest Kernel 2.70 from 2.65. Now my ati drivers don’t seem to be working right. Whenever I play a game or run something that requires 3d it either doesn’t work or is deadly slow. I tried updating my ATI and Fgxl but it did not work. I haven’t done a full driver reinstall yet but I will today or tomorrow. If all else fails, is it possible to go back to 2.65? Thanks again.

My advice is to go back to 2.65 and in the future only use the official opensuse kernels


It came through in the update manager for the Kernel upgrade. It said it was a 2.7 security upgrade of some sort. Do you know what I should search for in yast to go back?

  • StevenJ61,

Yast should list previous versions under the “Versions” tab of the kernel package.
Please verify the version using “uname -r”, I honestly doubt you have a 2.7 kernel.


I think you are right. It isn’t 2.70. It came across as a 2.70 security update but that is not the kernel version number. It seems to be some derivative of 2.62 of some sort. I’m going to go back a version or two to see if it fixes it or not.

270 (not 2.70) is the patch id shown by the updater. I updated this morning and haven’t had problems. However as you are using third-party video drivers, it’s not surprising that you do. Whenever you update the kernel you should be prepared to re-setup any third-party drivers that are kernel version dependent.

I believe you might avoid such problems by using official ATI or Nvidia repos which are supposed to supply updated versions as kernels get updated (after a while perhaps). But I can’t vouch for this as I don’t have such video cards.

Ken your assumption was correct. I reinstalled the drivers from ATI’s website and it works good now.