Problems with Kernel


after updating with updater recommendation to Kernel (and some X updates) I have problems loading to KDE4. before it worked perfect but now it stops loading and shows logon and password. I do not know what to do or how to fix it. Please help me because I need my Laptop to work with. Thanks in advance.

do you have ati/nvidia drivers installed ? if so, sometimes a kernel update can cause things to go pear-shaped. try re-installing the drivers



I have a mobile intel 965 chipset. When starting typing startx comes

type1 (module does not exist)
dri2 (module does not exist)

usr/lib64/xorg/modules//drives/ undefindes symbol
failed to load /usr/lib64/xorg/modules//drivers/
failed to load intel (load failed, 7)
undefinded symbol
failed to load synpatics (load failed, 7)

trying sax -r
no drivers

What can I do?

not having an intel gfx card, i can only recommend re-installing the driver. you can start the ncurses version of YaST for that.use the tab,space-bar & arrow keys to navigate


Do not know how to get yast. I only get the black screen and can type logon and password. Is there a repository or sth I could input to load the driver from internet? What do I have to input?

once logged in, type su & press enter,it will ask for a password, type in root’s password & press enter. back at the command prompt, type in yast & press enter, then navigate as i stated above


First, let’s check your kernel version. At the command line do:

uname -r

Are you quite sure that it isn’t

The error messages indicate problems with the X drivers. From the command line as root do:

zypper install -f xorg-X11-driver-video

That will force reinstallation of the drivers to the set that match the kernel.