Problems with KDESU and root password

Anyone else getting this in Milestone 5? If I start YaST from the kickoff menu, the kdesu window pops up asking for the root password. When I type it in and press enter, it says:

Conversation with su failed

I can go no further with password log in. My password is accepted in Konsole and there’s no problems launching apps this way that require root privileges.

Also, the software install tool won’t launch from its usual icon.

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Mind: it does accept your password, if you persist. Sometimes after 3 or 4 clicks, sometimes after 20, but you can get “in”.

It’s a kernel problem, seems to be fixed in 2.6.31-rc5, wait for a couple of days and we’ll see that in the factory repo.

I’d like to make clear, that things like this simply can happen if you run Milestone releases.