Problems with KDE 5 in openSUSE 42.2

[FONT=.SFUIText]Hello, I’m having problems with my KDE 5 (opensuse 42.2). I used my notebook this morning normally. But now I turned on my notebook and the KDE desktop does not work, it gets frozen. I can use Yakuake through f12 and open some softwares through alt + f2. What can it be?[/FONT]

I used the htop command and saw that the plasmashell is consuming 77-80% of cpu.

when you first run Plasma it will consume alot of CPU because it is gathering all of the metadata on your drive: folders, files, PIM etc…It should slow down after some time depending on the size of your drive. You can also temporarily pause akonadi and resume later.

I have my openSUSE installed a long time ago. Everything worked normally. Only today, had this behavior.

what graphic card and driver do you have?

It’s a optimus laptop. Intel and nvidia 930m. And I have bumblebee installed.

I created a new user and I started a new section. Everything really worked. But how do I make my user session work as well?

if it’s a plasma 5 issue you might need to remove the plasma 5 config files in ~/.config (they should start with plasma*) just do it eather from a different desktop ie icewm or a different user account