Problems with Intel Pro/1000 and OpenSUSE 11

Just finished my install of 11.0 this afternoon, and now I am needing some help getting my network connection working.

I have the following hardware:

SuperMicro X7DAL-E Motherboard (Intel 5000X chipset)
2 Intel e5410 Xeon Processors
12gb DDR2 FB-DIMMs
nVidia GeForce 7600GT

The motherboard uses Intel’s 82563EB network interfaces, and YaST shows the following device:
80003ES2LAN Gigabit Ethernet Controller (Copper)

It also indicates;

  • Active: Yes
    modprobe: Yes*
  • modprobe e1000e*

Under Network Settings in YaST, it lists the device as Not connected (though it is) and the following message:

“Unable to configure the network card because the kernel device (eth0, wlan0) is not present. This is mostly caused by missing firmware (for wlan devices)”

Has anyone had success with getting this network controller working? Any help would be great. Keep in mind that I am relatively new to SUSE.


Check /var/log/messages for any messages starting with or containing e1000e or e1000. Post them here.

Run this command as su in konsole;

cat /var/log/messages |grep e1000e


cat /var/log/messages |grep e1000

no error messages for either command

This is a long shot, as su in konsole run ;

rmmod e1000
modprobe e1000 eeprom_bad_csum_allow=0

lsmod to see if you’ve loaded e1000 or e1000e and adjust the above command accordingly.