Problems with installing skype

Skype requires a package libqt4-dbus-1
I’m using opensuse 11.0 with KDE 4
Problem is following:
it says that libqt4-dbus-1 4.3.5 needs libqt4 4.3.5 but i have version 4.4.0-12.2
Any reccomendations? Because i wont downgrade? I did it once and had to install suse again.:’(

You may wish to add one of the QT44 or QT45 repos

or have a search here for libqt4;

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As well you may download & install static skype version and avoid any kind of dependency problems…


Actually, there is a QT43 repo, iirc. If you are running 64-bit suse, though, you are out of luck. I have failed to find a 4.3-32bit package for suse 11.0 x86_64.

Still, Skype will install fine with QT4.4. There will just be some odd interface issues.

You won’t want to stay with 4.4.0, though, as you may have missing buttons on the video window. 4.4.1 is in the QT and QT4.4 repos, and that works reasonably well (at least for me).

Which version of Skype? I use and I do not have libqt4-dbus-1 installed and it works fine.

Agreed - google for skype static install and use that

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Well I actually have the SUSE RPM with some dynamic libraries required version and it works fine without libqt4-dbus-1.

True. The Skype openSUSE download from the Skype site installed fine for me on 11.0 w/KDE4, but I do have a couple interface issues that are resolved with the static version. (Some buttons, such as the ones to alter the size, don’t show up visually along the bottom border of the window, but are still functional if I blindly right-click in the area.)

Since upgrading to openSUSE 11 I have not needed to use Skype but this weekend I need it! but I have had a number of problems.

  1. SKYPE is NOT included in any of my repositories ! I am certain it was available in SUSE 10.3?:sarcastic:

  2. I downloaded the openSUSE version from the Skype Website and used SUSE’s application installer to install it, BUT as soon as I try to run it it loads, displays my contacts, then just disappears!:stuck_out_tongue:

  3. I then installed Skype from the command line (I am learning thanks Malcom!)BUT once again as soon as I try to run it it loads displays my contacts then just disappears!:stuck_out_tongue:

Any help gratefully received idiots guide to style please :wink:

Of course Skype is not in any of the SUSE repositories. Skype has not given permission for other parties to provide Skype downloads. You have to get it from Skype like you did.

Sorry, haven’t had the other problems you had so not much I can help there.

Thank you for pointing out my error.

I was clearly mistaken about Skype being included in opennSUSE 10.3