Problems With installation

i started the installation programme and it went through a couple of options then says it has to restart the laptop when i restarted i got this message before the bios screen and then the computer does nothing

" Booting GRLDR…
Turning on gate a 20 … Success
Srating cmain() … _"
I really need help here my laptop wont even boot

What video?

Did you try booting to fail safe?

Did you read?
openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users

No its nothing to do with video , I was installing from windows 7 using the installer i got from when i downloaded the package . i went throught the first part of the install then it said i had to re-boot m system so i restarted it and nothing just that message and icant get past it or so anything with it ??

Wait you tried to install with Windows running?? You did not boot from the DVD or CD?

Chances are you messed up Windows also!