Problems with install

I am installing 11.2 on an older machine, Athlon 2800+, GeForce 6800, 1 GB RAM. Install goes fine until try to reboot to the OS and just get massive garbage on the screen. Can’t see anything just lines crossing the screen, it seems almost like the resolution is way off but don’t know how to change that since I can’t see anything. I tried two different install disks to make sure not the problem and got the same thing with both. I tried installing both KDE and GNOME on separate occasions and still same problem. I have used the same install disk to put this on an even older machine and that went fine. I do have windows 7 installed on another partition. I’m fairly new to linux but I’m learning.

So it installs and goes through the post install config? And you have a working Desktop? Then when you reboot this happens


It installs and when it says rebooting and it starts the post install config it fails?

It installs then says it’s rebooting the OS and then get garbage. The computer doesn’t completely reboot. When I do completely reboot, get the same thing.

Do you have a install at this stage now

I did until a few minutes ago, I reinstalled Win 7 to get rid of extra partitions but I will do it again right now if you think you could help

Some of those older cards are really a pain to work with, heck even windows has issues with some of them.
If opensuse fails you may want to try something like PClinux, Mandriva or something in the Ubuntu family, you might have better luck who knows.
But yeh some graphics cards dont like linux.

It’s up to you.
FYI you don’t need to install windows 7 to remove partitions.

Tell me more first.

Were you installing with a Live CD? If yes, then this worked OK?

Have you tried other Distros like Fedora for example?

What Linux have you used before?

The funny part is I put it on an old Geforce 3 Ti 200 two days ago and it worked like a charm this is much newer, do you think that’s still the culprit?

I run Ubuntu 9.04 and Win & on my main computer, the one I’m using now. I just want to become more familiar with linux and the many distros so this is somewhat of a test. The PC is old but not ancient, hardware wise it should be able to run fairly well, just trying to figure out where I am going wrong. I am installing from a live CD, one I have used before successfully.

Unknown, like I said video cards are tricky in linux.
Not our fault though, as most cards are built for windows and or have no decent driver made for linux.
ATI is a major culprit in most linux video card issues, Nvidia and Intel do better as they do have drviers they develop for linux.
ATI has some too but they have a lot of non supported cards now, its a major thorn in our side and to some windows users too.

I know I could fix the partitions other ways, I have hirens 10.1 here and that’s pretty handy but I had just wiped everything about 3 or 4 hours ago so starting fresh wasn’t a problem.

well hey try anything, never know what will work.

Is there any way I could install with a more generic form of the video adapter. It runs fine in the setup phase so it obviously can make use of the card. Can I tell it to just keep using that generic adapter until I can manually change it,(or leave it the same.)

It’s a trick place to have issues this, because the OS is basically installed, when it re-boots it is just going thru some configuration and theoretically no user input is required (If you left automatic config checked here)

So theoretically (I have never done this) If you just leave the computer running it might eventually arrive at a desktop or login screen of some kind - depending if you choose automatic login (default), I uncheck this.

If that failed. I would probably try booting to Failsafe option first
And if that failed: to level 3 to see if I could progress that way

If that failed I would try a DVD install

I did try failsafe and got the same. I also let it run for some time and nothing seemed to change. It appears to think that it’s running fine I just can’t see anything. Again as it seems to mainly have a resolution problem.

Another option. Install with the old card - get the system up and running, updated. Download the nvidia driver from nvidia and place in /home/username - shutdown: Throw in the 6800

Do you know how to proceed

For what it is worth I run a 6800+ card without problems.

Well it does vary per person though, each computer has a personality of its own.