Problems with gnome

When my suse (with gnome) loads get only my green wallpaper and empty desktop without icons, panels… How i can restore gnome? I thing something with my gnome… And need it restore… but i dont know how :frowning:

If you boot up into the command line, such as selecting Atl+Cntl+F2 before logging in, and run

ls -la

you will find a number of ones starting with “.”, which means it is hidden, and with some gnome name in it.

Sorry, I am not sure what the names are or which one you want to modify but basically by deleting (or renaming like .gnome to .gnome.bak) it will rebuild the configuration from default.

Unfortunately I am at a Windows machine, so I can’t tell you which ones to remove or rename. Perhaps when I get home unless somebody else mroe knowledgable can help.

I find solution i thing…
i do:

gconftool-2 --shutdown
rm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/panel
pkill gnome-panel

After reboot system. And its look working…
Then, even after the reboot to see…

I just got something like this last night. I’m not sure what happened, but what I did that got around this was

  1. Open Alt+Cntl+F2 and logged in as root
  2. ran
  1. added a new user
  2. killed the user, if already logged in otherwise do this before logging into your account, with
kill --user <username>
  1. logged in as that new user in the grapical (Alt+Cntl+F7)
  2. waited while it loaded everything successfully
  3. logged out
  4. logged into my account, and it was working fine