Problems with Gnome Search App and Firefox search boxes

So today I’m on my 64-bit openSUSE 11.1 Gnome computer and the gnome desktop search app opens up on it’s own, and then it keeps opening up and the windows start piling up. I closed them all, but it happened multiple times for an hour, the search app just opened a ton of windows. I disabled the desktop shortcut and even uninstalled the search app, but it still tries to open it, of course now it says it’s not found.

Something weird has also been happening with other apps, specifically Firefox. If I start typing something in a text box on a website, it will randomly go to the search toolbar text box, the only way I found to avoid this was to type really slowly. This also happened when I opened YaST and had to enter my root pw, if i typed at any speed other than sluggish, it would open up some other search thing I’ve never seen before.

Has anybody have any experience with such a problem or have any ideas on what could be the cause?