Problems with forum content refresh and display since recently

Several days ago I saw error message accessing forums (something about missing file or similar). Since this time I observer rather strange forum behavior.

  1. The list of latest topics on the main page is stuck and is no more updated. Oh, I just noticed that it is updated but for some reasons it always displays the same two topics three and five days old even though newer topics obviously exist.

  2. Not all users participating in the topic are shown in topic list when I select “latest”. Like

    there are at least two other users that are not shown.

  3. The “Unread” and “New” counts are not automatically refreshed.

Anyone else? It happens both in Windows (Edge) and Linux (Chromium) so it does not look like specific browser or otherwise local issue.

Yes, I have noticed the same.

Same here with Linux(Firefox/Chrome) and iOS(Safari).

Same here (and up to 20 characters, another annoyance).

What’s the “main page”? Is there such a thing?

For me, when I go to the forum I see the “Latest” page. There’s a preferences item (with name “Interface”) to set which page you will automatically see when you first open the forum. And I set that to “Latest” (for myself) several months ago.

Perhaps that’s why I am not seeing the “problem” that is described.

It is true that I only see two posters mentioned for most topics, and that does seem to be a change. But once I am reading the topic, all posts in that topic do show up.


If you do not touch it default is apparently “Categories”.

You should see the last issue though - I leave it on Latest, after some time I may see “Unseen topic” banner (do not remember how is it called exactly) but New and Unread buttons do not show anything new. Or only one of them shows. Or like just now I have 5 Unread but nothing unseen in Latest.

Should be fixed now…

Could be why I started to get notifications for replies several days old … :slight_smile:

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Okay. I tried that. It was a bit mixed up until @malcolmlewis indicated that it was fixed.

But I don’t much like that as main page, so I have switched back to “Latest”, which seems to work much better.

Thanks for the update Malcolm.