Problems with Fonts with 3d effects on

So I am new to using openSuse, however I have been using Gentoo for years. I changed mostly because openSuse looked sexier.

My problem is that when I turn on the 3D effects, I lose fonts (such as the toolbar words i.e. File, Edit, etc…) for both openoffice and YaST. When I turn 3D effects off they come back. I have been trying to find the source of the issue for a few days now (both checking forums and trying to fix it myself) and have had absolutely no luck. Here is my system info:

Nvidia GeForce 2 Mx/Mx 400
Nvidia Driver 96.43.09
KDE 4.1.3-4.9
I believe I am running Kwin, however I still haven’t figured out where to find that (I haven’t modified my .xinitrc file yet).

I took a screenshot to better show what is going on:
If you look at the link you will see that Firefox is fine, however Openoffice is not, the problem is the same with YaST.

Any help is appreciated