Problems with DOTA 2 and ETS 2 on Steam

Switched to OpenSUSE from Ubuntu about a month ago, and have been loving it so far. However, my Steam games just don’t work like they used to. I have older games like Cave Story+ and Half-Life running fine, but DOTA 2 and Euro Truck Sim 2 are both unplayable.

DOTA loads the Valve logo fine, but then everything after that has a terrible, bright red background, and I’m missing most of the in-game graphics. See screenshot here

In ETS2, I can hear the sound, but the screen is blank.

Any ideas? I’m hoping these two problems are related.

I’m running on a 3rd gen Intel Core i7-3630QM processor with onboard HD Graphics 4000.

Got it! I was just missing libtxc-dxtn.