Problems with DosBox.

I installed DosBox and the first couple of times starting worked just fine. NOW it just quits itself.
Due to the fact that DosBox told me in console it couldn’t connect to a midi-port, I installed and configured timidity (also in DosBox config).

Now it tells me the following in console

CONFIG:Loading primary settings from config file /home/TheMask/.dosbox/dosbox-0.73.conf
" normal" is not a valid value for variable: inactive.
It might now be reset it to default value: normal
ALSA:Client initialised [128:0]
MIDI:Opened device:alsa

When started from console though, the window doesn’t just quit itself. Over the start button it does. f-u-c-k.

Question: How to let it shine? :wink: (re-installing and/or deleting the config seems to be no option - I’ve done that already)…