Problems with certain webpages

This is my first posting so please be gentle. I have a computer that is approaching a year old and have installed the 64bit version of Suse 11.2. Prior to that I used an older 32 bit version on a previous machine. This all worked merrily until a couple of months ago when I noticed that certain web pages failed to load. I noticed this when trying to book ferries to France so I was wondering whether it was anything to do with the sending / receiving info embedded on the pages as they failed to load after you had selected the preferred journey time / date. I also wondered whether it was anything to do with flash… Web pages that work include:

Gmail / Google applications

These ones don’t:
Flybe (after selecting routes)
EasyJet (after selecting routes)
thetrainline (after selecting routes)
Brittany Ferries (after selecting routes)
Eurostar (after entering dates)
Orange (to send free text)
LD lines (after entering dates)
Condor Ferries (after entering dates)
Freecycle / Yahoo

I use a wired router to connect to the internet. My wife uses the same router to connect her Windows Vista laptop and this works fine on all websites.

Any ideas? Would be happy for any sort of advice but please take us through it slowly!!!

Apologies if this sort of thing has been posted before - we did do a search!

Thanks in advance

Maybe this
The Quick Java Switch and Fix

Thanks - all is well again. Out of interest - why did this happen in the first place? Everything had been working merrily until a couple of months ago?

Darn if I know.
jdk java is default and it mostly works. But a few badly constructed sites it doesn’t.
I tend to switch to Sun java just because I can and it seems to be just slightly better.